Repeat Group Strings not translated to Portuguese

Hi All, not sure if am the only one facing this but the option Do not add and Add for the repeat groups are not being translated to Portuguese. I have changed the tablet OS language to Portuguese and the ODK itself. But I still get the English words.

Checked on the repo and I don't see translations here:
I don't see the string bellow:

   <string name="add_repeat_question">Add \"%s\"?</string>
   <string name="add_repeat">Add</string>
   <string name="dont_add_repeat">Do not add</string>

Those strings might be not translated yet. If you know Portuguese you can help and translate something

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Thanks for pointing that out... I registered myself to do the translation but found out that the strings I mentioned are already translated. I will help with the missing translations.

I see that the translation are also already on the the beta release (v1.28.0-beta). So I guess I have to wait until it gets released.

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Yes that's right but there is always (almost) something to translate so everyone is welcome to help.

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