Repeat Groups Calculations


I am trying to limit the total percent of a repeat group(3 repeats) where the total percentage should not to be more than 100%.Unfortunately the total is not updating as intended . I have attached the syntax the repeat group. Please help

repeat_test.xlsx (8.8 KB)

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Hi @kimanikihiu

you have to move ${lhz_total} out of the repeat_group: repeat_test.xlsx (6.0 KB)


Thanks @Grzesiek2010

Its working now.

Hello @Grzesiek2010.

I have just run in to another problem. When I put a value like 51 as the first percentage value I get a constraint message that the value is not allowed. However if I enter 50 the value is accepted . I am suspecting that "${lhz_total} + . <=100" is doubling the value or what could be wrong. Thanks

I finally solved it. the solution is to remove '+ .'

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