Repeat groups sending unreliably to Google Sheets

Hi there lovely ODK gurus

We are experiencing unreliable sending of forms with repeat groups to Google Sheets. I realise this is a fairly new capability, so there are sure to be hiccups.
Sometimes our forms send perfectly, but on other times, either the parent record or the repeat records just do not land in google sheets (although they send successfully from the device). So to be clear, part of the form always comes through, but one aspect of it seems to sometimes go missing.

We are using the most up to date versions of ODK.

I have searched high and low for others experiencing the same problem, but to no avail. I have also tried to resend the forms, but have not been able to resend from ODK collect. My phone is a bit buggered and I cant access the forms via briefcase for some reason. One thing I was wondering was if the google sheet was filtered, would that affect the forms coming in correctly? This may have had some impact?

On some more testing, it seems that this issue is definitely occurring when the google sheet is filtered when forms are sent from ODK collect.

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Thanks, that's a good hint I'll try to reproduce the issue.



sorry for the delay. You are right there is something wrong if a sheet is filtered. I was able to reproduce the issue. Here is the issue I reported We'll try to figure out what's going on and fix the problem. Sorry for inconveniences.

Hi @Emma_Hosking, this issue is now fixed in Collect v1.16.2. It should be rolling out to all devices now.

Oh and when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. It helps build community!


I would like to add that you should be careful because if you send data to a filtered sheet new rows are not taken int account. That means they are always visible even if their values don't match the filter you have created (you need to update your filter). I noticed the same behavior adding new rows manually so looks as if it's a default behavior. It's not our bug and maybe there is an option to change it in Google Sheets?

@Grzesiek2010 Yes, I've noticed that too, and it's definitely something to do with Google Sheets. Thanks so much for following up on this, it's greatly appreciated and I'm excited to try out the new version!
I'll look into Google sheets options at some stage to see if there is a way around that.

Thanks @yanokwa! Greatly appreciated and excited to give it a go.

I'll head over and introduce myself now :slight_smile:

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