REPEAT LOOP data not in Central Submissions table


I have a repeat loop in my form. I did one submission, and I don't see the fields present inside the repeat-loop, since there is no column on the SUBMISSIONS table. Am I missing something? How to view it?


Each nested repeat gets its own submissions table. You can list the table names via the form metadata. It's gonna be Submissions.GROUPNAME for each group. Working examples in ruODK vignette OData!

Thanks. Is it not possible to see metadata submissions via ODK Central's main dashboard table in SUBMISSIONS page of every form?

Not to my knowledge, and that seems to be in line with the targeted audience expectations:
Non-technical users accessing submissions through the front-end will choose to "export all submissions" as ZIP, which takes care of nested tables.
The developers consuming the API directly will find all they need there (and in the fantastic API docs).

R example: ruODK::odata_service_get returns the OData service document to list Submission table names, as shown here in the ruODK vignette for OData. You could then loop over any existing sub-tables (Submissions.GROUPNAME) to retrieve their data and left join them to the main Subissions, as shown (explicitly and not looped) here.

Does that cover your use case?

Thanks @Florian_May. Good to know that it works on API, but a bit anxious because i am not an advanced user to have mastered API or R. I was hoping to get the missing info on either central dashboard, or Google Data Studio somehow, as it would have made life significantly easier. The manual work (download zip onwards) does not suit well with GDS, as I want to have a live integration directly between Central and GDS, without any intermediate hop.

Any help on figuring out this integration with GDS? Much obliged if some help comes handy for me...