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I have repeat group for all hh member asking about their name , age , and other info , then later in another section i want to repeat and ask every member of the hh who their age above 5 question about education but i couldn't manage that. please see aTEST.xls (40.5 KB) ttached

Hi @Luat
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You need to use the indexed-repeat function to get values from another repeat group. You can read more about it here

Generally it would look like: TEST.xls (11 KB)
I removed a lot to make that for a clear sample but what I changed is in yellow.

Thank you very much @Grzesiek2010 , but while i am trying this message appear ([row : 16] Missing calculation.)
Could you please make changes on the file attached without deleting any questions (specially Question: A27.

Appreciate your support TEST.xls (43 KB)

In that row 16 you have indexed-repeat(${A101}, ${hh_roster}, position(..)) in label column but it should be in calculation.

Hi @Luat,

Please take a look at this thread

Many Thanks :bouquet:

Thank you for your support, i am working on a big survey your support is highly appreciate.
I have another section, it gave me error when i put in relevant column : indexed-repeat(${Agender}=2, ${Aage}>11 and ${Aage}<50, ${Amarriage}=1, ${hh_roster}, position(..))

My condition is to repeat from hh roaster and should be only for age between 12 and 49, female, and married.

Thank you again.

You can't use the repeat-indexed function like that. The whole function returns a value for a given question on a given position in a given group
So for example this indexed-repeat(${A101}, ${hh_roster}, position(..)) retuns 20.

What you need is rather something like:

indexed-repeat(${A101}, ${hh_roster}, position(..))>11 and indexed-repeat(${A101}, ${hh_roster}, position(..))<50

I don't know what that ${Amarriage} means because you didn't attach the form.

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Thank you very much it's working now,

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