Repeat with an increment of a year in the Label

I need the label to change with an increment of 1 year after a repeat

i'm working on a task that requires a repeat logic and the label should changes automatics with year say 2019,2020 .
Kindly assist.

Welcome @kiprono_job,
You may try to use/add the position(..) in a calculate variable and then $-reference it in the question label. See

Another design option for the form (instead of your repeat loop) might be to use a select_multiple YearChoiceList with a choice_filter, e.g. name (i.e. ChoiceName) > than base year and name <= than current year.

I would suggest to review the design options related to the data export and later analysis, please. E.g. be aware that the loop will result in the data export in multiple child rows (one per year) for the case.

If the year period is rather restricted, you might also use multiple fields/questions flattened and filtered with relevant clauses.