Repeat within a repeat not working anymore?

Hey guys,

I have been using ODK since 2015 and it was working fine. Today I tried to create a new xlsform that includes a repeat within a repeat but it is not working. Knowing that I have tried this before and it was working.

I created a sample form that you can find here (25 KB)
, tried it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab and online using Enketo but yet without any luck.

On the tablet, I am using ODK Collect and I get this error when opening the form

Binding path [null] not allowed with parent binding of [/Test2/group_zu5lj81/group_kg28j17]

While in Enketo, it is openning the form but not opening the members section according to the number entered in number of families.

Thank you for your support.

Hi @wrkadri

We support nested repeat groups but not if your group has field-list appearance. We have never supported such a case.

Hi @Grzesiek2010, problem was solved. It was a problem in the Tablet.
Thank you for your support.