Repeats of cascading questions at different points within a survey?

I've searched but the results are very old. I'm using Xlsforms for Kobo. The first question is the location of the survey through cascading select- there are around 700 choices in 3 tiers.

Later in the survey, I'm wanting to ask a question in relation to the participant's permanent address using the same choices from the previous location question.

For example, the location of the actual survey is in this area, in this district and this municipality. Then the survey continues with participant questions- are you a migrant or local. If local is selected, are you from the same location as the survey or is your permanent home elsewhere? If Elsewhere is selected, I would like the previous choices to repeat so they can select a different area, district and municipality.

I've tried using 'relevant' based on the initial selection of areas and the elsewhere response but when the initial choices are made, there is only an option to add another group then. If elsewhere is selected further into the survey, the location choices do not show.

Is there a way to do this?

I'm trying now to ask the migrant/ local question prior to entering the location of the survey but this doesn't flow at all well and a similar problem emerges.

Any help much appreciated.

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Are you able to post your XLSForm file here (or the subset of your form that has the issue)? It will help people troubleshoot your problem.

Also, you mention "only an option to add another group" so I wonder if you're using a repeat in your form? Referencing questions that are inside a repeat is more complicated:

Thanks for your time, I'm afraid I actually have no photos of me- I've just been through this same problem at work- something to see to at some stage!

My entire question is relating to a repeat. I do not want to reference to any of the answers within the repeat, quite the opposite. The order of the questions are as follows-
Cascading select- location of the survey - area- region- municipality. (to be completed by the enumerator)
Participant information- name, age, nationality. If local, I want to use the same cascading select as in the previous location of the survey for them to identify their permanent location.

I do not want either set of answers to relate to each other. The location of the actual survey is completely different from the permanent location of the participants.

However, the cascading selection of locations to select from each have a unique identifier, so I cannot create a second set of questions using the same locations because I will then have to alter the unique identifier. So I would like to be able to use the initial cascading select options for the second participant question. Survey.xlsx (106.8 KB)

So my question is, is it possible to do this by using a repeat function? If not, what is a way to collect this information??

OK, solution was to group the initial 'location of the survey' questions. Then a second group for the 'original location' of the participants, using the same choices as the previous cascading select but changing the 'name' for each question. Also ensuring that the choice filter and relevant were the changed 'names'

Great! I'm glad you figured it out, and thank you for sharing how you solved it!

I didn't understand the solution heatherb, can you give us more details on how to solve this problem ?