Request for comments: Is html error 406 the right way to say "this survey is inactive"?

Ccing ODK developers for suggestions as well. ODK developers - - any

··· On Feb 20, 2014 7:12 AM, "Vernon D. Cole" wrote:

I am in the process of modifying formhub so that survey administrators can
switch a survey to "inactive" status at a point in time. This is
considered very important when a survey may be replaced by a newer version,
to insure that data collectors do not use the newly-obsolete version. We
feel that an immediate error message when they try to submit the
obsolescent data will save a lot of trouble and misunderstanding later.

My prototype server tries to send some message text with the html
response, but ODK Collect (v1.4) does not display it -- it only displays
the number and description of the status code.

I am searching for the best status code to send from the server when
rejecting the data. Clearly the 400 range is called for, an indication that
something serious is wrong with the data coming from the client. My best
guess is status 406 (Not Acceptable).

Will this design work in the field?

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