Requested entity not found

Thanks for response in fb Mr. Abdul.
I downloaded the OKD App to my Mobile Phone. I don't know how to create xmls form codes. I downloaded a sample then edit it. But when I'm trying to upload it to google drive I get the some errors 'my form name is diary project' so the error is "diary project form - 404 Not Found{ "code":404, message":, Requested entity was not found" errors":[{ "message: "Requested entity was not found", "domain": global", "reason: "notFound"}]
Please how could you help? Because I was trying to pass through youtube to find out how to upload form to google drive I found 1 clip but it is not elaborating in deep. Please we beg you assistance and we love ODK. Cheers, Mbuya

Hello pleas move your post to Support.

@Deoglas I would encourage you to start with the docs at There are instructions there on form design and connecting ODK Collect to Google Drive.

I was using google spreadsheet as a server and was uploading a url using (right click) "get shareable link" function and inserting this link in appropriate place in the ODK build. This was giving me the 404 error. Then, after a number of tests, I found that the "get shareable link" it is not the same as actually opening the spreadsheet and checking your url in your browser. So, what I did, I copied the url from the browser (rather than using shareable link function) and everything started to work.


This was so helpful. Thank you!

Hi @empirica can I know what you mean its not same link? I have a same problem I hope you can help me

I have a same problem on uploading in gsheet, the error says "Request entity was not found". Is it because that I remove group on my form then uploading it in gsheet? Please help me @yanokwa @Grzesiek2010

Is this a problem with one particular form or maybe you tried sending other forms to Google Sheets and the result was the same?

Are you sure you copied the url properly?

If you are sure you didn't do anything wrong configuring this option maybe you could share your form and give us access to your spreadhseet so that we can test it? (you can do that in private)

Yes, I am uploading one form on this google sheet. I don't have any other forms in my odk collect application. I also copied the URL correctly.

If I delete a group in my form then upload it in google sheet. Do you think the column on first upload and this second upload will not be same? That's why I'm having an error?

I'm sorry I cannot share our data to you because it's confidential @Grzesiek2010

What do you mean by that? Are you talking about editing your spreadsheet manually or maybe deleting groups in ODK Collect (repeat groups)?

I'm talking about deleting a groups in ODK Collect (repeated groups)

Hmm no adding/removing new groups in a repeat section should not cause issues like that. Could you try uploading any other form to Google Sheets?