Require to bring household ids in close list in collect from CSV files

in our survey we are expecting around 20,000 household data this year; this HH ID is defined in specific format. The data collector needs to select those ids from the list when collecting data.
Help? how i bring all household ids in collect in household ID list? So that user can select the HH IDs from the list to restrict user to input irrelevant/inapproirate ids.

U can use XLSForms to create a form and use type as select_one and in the subsequent choices give all the HH IDs.

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I have 20 thousands ids ? i need to define this in choices? do you think it impact on performance when such big data is load in choices?

I have tried upto 100 choices, but 20,000 of-course is a test case. i can suggest the below

  1. Split up the choices to various category/group of enumerators and create separate forms
  2. Make it a field of Text Entry instead of Selection

Anyone else can advise for better solution regarding my above query?

@ZeeH Please be sure to fill out the full support template when asking for help! The questions help better understand your needs. In this case it would be helpful to know how the IDs are assigned, whether the enumerators will know the ID for a given household, what you've tried, etc. Perhaps you can describe the past process on paper.

You can load external files with many tens of thousands of rows. The strategy you will want to use for that will depend on what information enumerators know when filling out the form.

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Thanks for prompt reply.
Household IDs is predefine format in CSV files like below. 911 & 912......939 is the cluster ids where the last four numbers is serial numbers from 0001 to 999

The structure of the IDs is HH-911-0001, HH-911-0002......HH-911-999
HH-912-0001, HH-912-0002......HH-912-999
I want this will appear at the time of input in the form as user select respective clusters; all those ids related to that clusters is appear the list so data collector cannot input any other ids then listed.
Thanks in advance for your response regarding the subject.

Good morning,
you can do one thing for this you can add one more question in form and ask for the cluster like :
Q: In which cluster are you?
ad this question you can put as select_one type, and then in the choice sheet you can put next respective numbers in front of that like if user will select that he is living in cluster 911 then all HH number will be shown on the next question, if he selects cluster 912 then all hh which are under cluster 912 will be seen to interviewer.


@ZeeH have you been able to address this with the information given so far? You will likely find and helpful.

YES, it is. Thanks for all of those who contribute to address above issue

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