Resources for addresses in Lagos

Dear Doug,

My name is Busola Adebusoye and I am a PhD student at the university of Nottingham. For my study, I am looking at assessing objectively the presence of physical activity spaces like recreation parks, green spaces, fields around certain addresses in Lagos, Nigeria. Do you already have any resources for this yet?



Hi Busola l think you'll u can do this using Geo Pdk or letter still use to earth

Sorry for Chloe . I think you can use Be ODK to get your results. For more clarity

Hi Busola,

I don't think I have anything around those requirements. Can you give me some more context?

Hi Doug,

Thank you for your response.

Some studies done in high income countries have geocoded survey respondents addresses on maps and have been able to measure objectively built environmental attributes like residential buildings, presence of restaurants and parks, transportation facilities etc within 400 to 800 meters around the addresses.

I would like to know if such resources are available for Lagos, Nigeria.

I'm not sure exactly what resources you're asking for?

How are your respondents filling out a survey? Paper? Or from a device? Do you have a lat/lng or an address or a plus code?

If you have an address, you'll need to turn that into a location and that is going to be hard, simply because the addresses you get from people may not be easily geocodable.

The only resources I know about are either the Openstreetmap data or Google's Place Search API.

For the openstreetmap data you probably want to make calls to the Overpass API but I don't have much familiarity with that, sorry.

The Place Search API will let you request for a given location, all entries Google has of various types, say transit_station. You will have to sign up for an API key though, and the cost will depend on how many requests you want to make.