Restrict decimal point to one

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How do I restrict entry to only to one decimal point in ODK excel design? For exampe height 120.2 cm is valid but anything like 120 or 120.25 is invalid. Thanks
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Maybe the search function of this forum can help you, incl. examples, see, esp. Regex on decimal numbers with .0 e.g. 38.0.

As far as I know, for decimal type, you cannot avoid that 12.0 will finally be shown as 12. (Also, this is mathematically the same value.)

You cannot restrict directly inside/during the field entry, only after the focus is moved outside (check via constraint).

For regex constraints, you can find more here: You can use a decimal or integer type and cast it with string(${myNumberVar}) for the regex expression.


So far that is what I have but it is still not allowing for example 125.0, it starts on 125.1 and above.
When I make the decimal optional but including(?) i.e regex(., '[1]+(.[0-9]{1})?$') and (.>=125 and .<=192) ,, it allows 125, 125.0, 125.1 ,...... but I strictly want it to start on 125.0 (It should be invalid if 125 is entered)

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As explained here, as far as I know, you cannot restrict 123, but allow 123.0. Furthermore, mathematically this is the same value. Even, if you may add a constraint for string-length(..) = 5.

Thanks ,
What you shared has been helpful,, I am now able to do want I wanted.