Restricting multiple-choice answer options based on selection


I have a select-multiple question which has answer options that are needed to be selection-dependent among each other. Meaning, if you select option A, option B and C should become not-selectable while option D should remain selectable. Similar logic for other options as well. Please remember that it is within the same question (not multiple question). Due to some long approval processes, I cannot really divide these answers into multiple questions, hence stuck here. Would appreciate any help.


Have you tried applying a constraint?

eg, for one of my questions I have various follow up methods and also 'no followup', so it would be invalid to select no followup as well as a method(s), so under constraint I have this, with a constraint_message explaining why

(not(selected(.,'No_followup') and count-selected(.)>1))

For your case, given options A, B, C, D, you could do (I haven't tested this, sorry, the syntax might be slightly wrong):
(not(selected(.,'A') and (selected(.,'B') or selected(.,'C')))