Restriction in repetition groups

I have a form with a repetition group and in it I have several questions. One is select_one with 4 alternatives and at each repetition she will have to select in order 1,2,3,4 (repetition 1, alternative 1, repetition 2, alternative 2, repetition 3, alternative 3 and repetition 4, alternative 4) . I would like to make TWO restrictions: Restrict only 4 repetitions without losing the add groups box AND do not allow an alternative to be selected again if the alternative has already been selected in any repetition. Not allowing you to do a fifth repetition AND not allowing the selection of one of the 4 alternatives already selected. I hope I was clear.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Barbaramt
would it be something like this: repeat.xlsx (6.6 KB)
I'm not sure if I understand your case...