Retrieve submission data as JSON

As I see, you can't retrive submission as json, only xml or donwload as csv.
Did you succeeded to retrieve JSON format and how?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Hrvoje_Lovric ,

default format when you pull data from central is json.
This request (Submissions without extension .xml or .csv extension) returns a json :

curl -X GET "https://youcentral.domain/v1/projects/5/forms/CMR_captures.svc/Submissions" -H 'Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxx'

Ok, but that GET returns JSON without data from form, for data you must add at end instanceID like,
Without .xml at end of uuid you still don't have data from form.
Using latest central.
From documentation
Getting Submission metadata
GET /v1/projects/{projectId}/forms/{xmlFormId}/submissions/{instanceId}

To retrieve submission data as JSON, use the OData endpoint. has more.

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