Retrieving answers from a repeat group and using them to create multiple-choice lists for two levels of questions

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.

Hello, I would like to retrieve the answers that are within a repeat group and create a multiple-choice question based on those responses. I want to do this at two levels for the repeat group. I have already achieved the first level (see question E_7), but I am still missing the second level. I have tried several approaches, but I haven't been successful because it's within a repeat group. I have reviewed the discussions (, and they have been helpful, but I still haven't achieved the desired result. The outcome I need is that for each response in C_2 (plots), there is a list of answers from D_9 (parcels) to create multiple-choice lists in questions E_7 and E_8.

Your help is sincerely regarded.
trial.xlsx (18.0 KB)

Hi @Andres_E
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for nested repeats your indexed-repeat function should be like this:
indexed-repeat(${name_parcela}, ${repeat3}, 1, ${repeat2}, position(..))
you need to define not only the number of the inner but also the number of the outer group.

The form would be like:
trial.xlsx (11.2 KB)

It works well in ODK Collect (you only need to remove the field-list appearance from groups that contain repeats because it's not supported) however in Enketo it doesn't work and the value from the first group is always displayed. @Sadiq_Khoja or @eyelidlessness maybe you are aware of this issue if it's reported or not at least?