Return choose select one

Hi all,

I have a xlsform as the attached file.
I have 3 select one option. When I choose one select one, the question display.
Now, I want return other option it will next display.
Could you tell me how to make it?

Thank you

Select_one.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Not sure I understand your question, @Hoa_Le, but I'm going to try anyway to help!

Our form language does not support jumping back in this way, but you can repeat q2-4 if you'd like. See for now to do this.

Yes. I used repeat but one time repeat will create a new record (row) for one topic. I want all topic only show in a record (row).

So I want to make that like jumping back.

There is no jumping like that in ODK Collect. You can either repeat or copy/paste the questions (not recommended, but you can).