Returning to the start of a form

This is survey design question.

I'm desiging a form to help non-specialists identify species. I would like the user to be able to look at a species identifying features before deciding on ID. They could choose a species on the first screen, review the identifying features and at the end of that line of questioning a simple "Is it this species?" A "Yes" would add the species name to the form and done.

A "No" on the other hand would send them back to the start of the form and they could review another species until a positive ID is reached.

I suspect this is not possible given the linear nature of XLSForms and I might be thinking about it in the wrong way. I've reviewed some of the sample forms on the test aggregate server (e.g. the birds form) and some of the forms on the xlsform site. Nothing is fitting with my needs at the moment.

Given this project is looking at a very small number of species the other option is to put togther a very simple key (as in if species has these qualities go to this question etc until a positive ID is reached).

However keys are difficult to build for greater numbers of species.

Hi Oliver,

I don't think there is any feature on ODK, that will allow you to return to the beginning of you question set. However, there is always a way around, you may try to repeat the same set of question if the answer is no.


Imran is correct that you can't automatically go back to the front. And to build on his suggestion, repeats would look like this:

  1. begin repeat
  2. view list of species
  3. choose species name
  4. end repeat

You could also place the form as a shortcut on your Android's home screen. Then your enumerator can fill out the form once and when it's done, it'll put them back on the home screen and it's one tap to get back to the form.

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