Reuse and call field name in survey sheet

Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing difficult in trying to reuse the same field name on my screening form since the field that I want to use appears multiple times in the form, and it is unique for each form. I want to reuse the same field name in the survey sheet based on the progress of the screening form that I have designed. Currently I'm nesting it in groups.

Also I was wondering if there is a possibility of calling a certain field name or group so as to reduce writing the same code multiple times on each condition that applies.I want to call a certain field name when a certain condition is met, but the field that I want to call it is the same that I have used it multiple times by nesting it in groups. Now when I want to call it, the parser fails to recognize which field am I calling (because they are so many).

Both of these are in XLS forms, I'll appreciate your help.

Hi Gerald, Could you share an example .xlsx form of what you are describing? I'm not clear from the current description.


Hi Lloyd,

This is the link to the file in Google Drive.

In the survey worksheet there is an element called status that i want to use multiple times without renaming it, also I want to refer to it when calling other element.

Hi @gerald, I am sure @lloyd_banwart was asking for the XLSFORM (excel
sheet) of the coded survey or the XML file and not the collected data.

Please send the excel sheet and we will be in a better position to help.

When sharing your collected data on the public forum please make sure that
all personal identifying information in anonymised.

Best and Regards

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Hi @Ronald_Munjoma, @Lloyd_Banwart
I really confuse myself when sharing the link with the one of the fusion tables because they have the same name.

Please find the excel sheet here.

Hi @gerald

The name column specifies the unique variable name for that entry. No two entries can have the same name.
( Please rename all the other status names to something else and also update the relevance for those renamed fields.

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