Ru odk - error project_list() - Column `deleted_at` doesn't exist

Hi I use RStudio with R version 4.2.1 and i install ruodk but I have an error using project_list() (also form_list() with same type of problem).
I run ru_setup(url= ..., un=..., pw=...,tz=...)
After i run project_list() and the result is :
Error in dplyr::mutate_at():
! Can't subset columns that don't exist.
:heavy_multiplication_x: Column deleted_at doesn't exist.
Run rlang::last_error() to see where the error occurred.
It's an internal error of the function and i don't know what can i do or verify.
odk central version is 1.1 (with ru_settings()
Thanks for advance for your help.

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Hi Alain,

ruODK author here, I'll take a look today. Thanks for the report!

@Alain_Benard this issue is now fixed in the latest main. Could you re-install ruODK and check?
(Now also updated at

For reference:

Hello Florian,
thanks for your intervention. I re-install ruODK and i can use project_list() but i have some message :
Error in fetch(key) :
lazy-load database 'C:/Users/albenard.INRA/AppData/Local/R/win-library/4.2/ruODK/help/ruODK.rdb'
is corrupt
In my first post i also write about problem in form_list(). I use ru_setup(pid=3) and after i run form_list() with this message :
Error in tidyr::unnest_wider():
** ! Can't subset columns that don't exist.**
** :heavy_multiplication_x: Column reviewStates doesn't exist.**
Run rlang::last_error() to see where the error occurred.
Under R 4.1 it's ok but not in 4.2.1

Quick reply:
Corrupt rdb is a separate error, non specific to ruODK - Google finds a solution I think.

Review states - will make ruODK robust against that as well. You can fix thatnfor now by reviewing one submission.