Run Local Aggregate Server on Tomcat Server. accessing Error from ODK

Greetings: I have installed (and configured users for) a local instance of Aggregate on my Windows 7 desktop, using JAVA 8, Tomcat 7 and MYSQL 5.7 using LAN IP. I configured and link all the necessary file b/w TomCat, Aggregate & MYSQL. Set all the environment variables as advised my tutorial.
i was able to successfully running aggregate on my system and also upload xml forms on the aggregate server.
Unfortunately, through android, when i am connecting through ODK to connect server getting error
" Form Listing failure error, failed to connect to then mention my IP and port 8080/ after 30000ms while accessing https://.... odkaggregate/formlist"

Further, when i am access this IP from other system from the same network through different PC; i am not able to reach the said system. When i ping this IP from other pc its not responding while perfectly responding on same system.
Please help.

Can you check if this is the same issue?

If you don't have SSL enabled (you probably don't), the URL needs to be http:// and not https:// (note the s).


I try to used http instead of https but still same issue persist.
When ping from other PC is not responding further ODK still not able to access the server.
Please note: on LAN Ethernet properties below properties set by Network and i get IP from IPCONFIG COMMAND
-obtain an IP address automatically

  • obtains DNS server address automatically.
    Please let me know where i stuck.

i dont say confidently as i am not able to access the aggregate server from ODK.
I try each and every options but failed
i tried.
https://MY IP address/ODKAggregate/
https://MY IP address/ODKAggregate/Aggregate.html
https://MY IP address/ODKAggregate/Aggregate.html#managment#forms///
https://MY IP address/ODKAggregate/Aggregate.html/formList

@ZeeH You keep using examples with https, so I want to mention this again. If you don't have SSL enabled, you must connect via http and not https.

Make sure you are on the same network as the server. That is, if you are on the cell network and the server is on your WiFi network, that isn't going to work (unless you have allowed network traffic to flow from the Internet to your internal network. If you don't control the network, then talk to your system administrator.

Try to connect to the Aggregate server via the web browser of your device. If you can't do that, then there is a network connection problem that you need to solve first. Again your IT team can help here.

Finally, when you installed Aggregate, you specified a FQDN (fully qualified domain name). You must use that address (and port) when connecting to Aggregate. The form download (but not the form listing) relies on the FQDN. If you want to use Collect to interact with Aggregate, you need to configure Aggregate with that FQDN. If the FQDN is wrong, re-run the Aggregate installer with the correct FQDN.

Thanks for prompt response.

thanks all.
I am now able to access the system but this only work when i Firewall turn off. If firewall remain open, i am not able to access the server from outside; whether its android device or from external PC.
Can you help what exact setting i have to set in firewall, so it allow ODK collect to communicate with local server when firewall is ON.
i defined inbound rule in Firewall but not working. Can you give specific setting which needs to update in firewall.
Thanks in advance for your support.

Awaiting for experts help regarding above.
Is there anyone who can help in this regard? my IT team were not able to address this issue properly.

This is a networking issue and without access to your network, we are very limited in the support we can provide. In general, ports 80, 443, 8080, and 8443 are the ports that are in use for Tomcat web applications (e.g., Aggregate) so try allowing TCP traffic through those ports.

Hi there -- I"m not sure if this is too late to respond. But it seems that you have highlighted the issue I am dealing with. I have gone through the process to set up ODK Aggregate with the Virtual Box and I am able to connect and upload forms when I'm connected to my WIFI but my team in other places cannot. How do I set things up so I allow network traffic to flow from internet to my internal network? In other words, I want to be able to have enumerators that are connected to a different internet to be able to access my server and upload forms.