Running Central on the same host as ODK-x

Im trying to run Central on the same host machine as ODK-x but nginx throws an address already in use error.
Has any one managed to run the two on the same host Machine?

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That nginx error means that you're trying to run two web servers on the same port.
I think you'd need to fork one of the repos, and modify the docker-compose file to run on a separate port.
E.g. ODK Central exposes 80 and 443:
No guarantees this will work straight away, but worth a try!

I'm skirting around the "same port" issue by running ODK Central (and many more apps, many of them exposing standard ports like 80, 443, 8080) on Kubernetes, orchestrated through Rancher. Write-up: Installing ODK central in microsoft azure cloud - #2 by Florian_May