Running out of storage on my ODK Central server

Hi All,

My ODK Central server hosted on Digital Ocean keeps running out of storage even if there's no data being uploaded from Collect.

Th daily backups on Google Drive are only 12GB each but the server storage of 160GB is full.

Could Central be storing local backups that are filling the storage? Someone help.

Thank you.

Please check ODK Central -> Login -> System (Menu bar on top of your screen) -> Backups

Hi @Gicheha_Gerald! See this topic for some related discussion.

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Thanks @Matthew_White!

I used a different method though I don't how safe it is. There were some huge directories in this location /var/lib/docker/overlay2/ I cleared some of them and managed to reclaim over 100GB. All my data seems to still be there.

That is the backing host directory for the Docker container so hopefully you ended up clearing the same files. I would recommend working from the container as I described rather than from the host. There are folders other than the tmp folder in overlay2 that would not be safe to remove.

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Thanks @LN I very much appreciate your advice.

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Please also make sure that you restart Central if you have not already. I added more details to my instructions. Submissions will not work if you skip this.