ruODK v1.4.2 - what should we add next?

Hi all,

The latest version of ruODK now adds support for the new ODK Central version numbers. See the vignette setup for the new format.
Existing functionality will be unchanged, and older Central versions are still supported as they were before.

Behind the scenes the CI tests have moved to a new test server, generously sponsored by the GetODK team (thanks @yanokwa and @LN) and hosted on

There are a good number of API endpoints not yet implemented in ruODK, which should we add next?

Ideas, requests, bug reports, and of course contributions are most welcome here or as ruODK issues.


I vote for adding entities support :slight_smile:


Special thanks to @LN and @Lindsay_Stevens_Au for advice on naming.

So far, the "Entity List" (Dataset) endpoints are now implemented, next up are the "Entity" endpoints.

The proposed naming of the ruODK functions covering the Central endpoints is listed at - I'm as always open to suggestions, especially to ensure compatibility to current and future pyODK function names.