Same formid/version in Google Sheets

Hi again,
This is my problem when I have two forms uploaded into google drive and use ODK application to fill in the information. Please see the picture for my issues. Please advise me everyone.

Hi @rupp
seems like you have two forms with the same id and version number as the error message says. Is that true? Form id and version number together represent an identifier that should be unique. If you have two completly different forms both should have different form ids. If you have two the same forms but one is a newer (updated) version you can have the same form id but you should bump version number of the second one form.

Hello @LN I have also faced this issue. When I completed filling the form and click on save form and exit at the end, it appears like screenshot below. I just wonder if the problem has been solved and could you please guide me to tackle this issue? Thanks for your help.


The fundamental issue is that you have downloaded two forms that have different contents but that use the same id and version. What server do you use? Servers should generally require that the form version change when the contents change. Google Drive/Sheets integration does not do this so you are responsible for enforcing it.

Once you get in this state, you should be able to go to the form delete menu, go to the blank forms tab, and then delete the blank form you don't need (usually the older one). In v1.28, that was sometimes not possible but it should now be. Otherwise you can use the strategies I described above.