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I am about to start using ODK for some lengthy surveys, so I'm trying to pick a tablet with a large, user friendly screen for images etc. The survey will include taking photos and it will probably have to be encrypted. Tablets will also be used on a beach, hence one rugged option.

Before I spend out has anyone tried, or had problems with:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018) SM-T585
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 SM-T395
Archos Sense 101x (rugged, relatively poor battery life)

I can't find any reports of people using any of these three.

I was also considering trying an Amazon Fire - it looks like some people are using it but am not sure of GPS accuracy (if it has a sim card functionality).

Any advice greatfully received.

Thanks very much,

Hi @LizMarine

I'm not really familiar with tablets because generally use phones for developing and testing but according to our statistics Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the most popular device used by our users so I guess it's a good device and generally I like Samsung devices (from my personal experience).


These were my thoughts but keen to know how cheaper alternatives stand up.

Also, I'm always cautious with the newest versions, hence the request.

I use a Tab A SM-T285 so all releases are verified on it. Like @Grzesiek2010 has mentioned, various versions of the Tab A have been the most popular devices for some time. If you can find older revisions you can likely save a lot. I can personally vouch for the SM-T285 (2016 revision).

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