Savepoint functionality is breaking as our form increases in length

Hi Community,

I have ODK collect SDK integration in my application for data collecting purpose.
I have tweaked a SavepointTask a bit to store upto 10 savepoints for each form once this limit is reached then I am deleting the old savePoint.

I have a repeat section in form where in I capture GPS location and I 3 text questions , when I repeat this section for more than 100 times, after 80th repeat section application starts to slow down drastically. after around 100 repeats application shows ANR(Application Not Responding) dialog.

Strange thing though, when I press close application on ANR then all the data field till this time is wiped.

Any thoughts on this?

My Assumptions,
Since I am saving a savepoint after each Repeat Section, SavePointsTask takes way to load in background thread as form is very large due to this MainThread blocks and application shows ANR dialog