Search and pulldata not working

I am experiencing the same problem with 'search' and 'pulldata' functions on my spreadsheet. I have changed the csv to the recommended UTF-8 format but still nothing. Also, downloaded the fruits example to see if it would work but I only get the label option 'name' from the choices sheet instead of the actual fruit names in the CSV.
I am using Onaio and Enketo and have uploaded the CSV to media files on my form settings in Ona.
Please help.
sacco_details2.csv (2.2 KB) REF Questionnaires Sacco 12.04.2019.xlsx (16.3 KB)

Hi @itagow

could you explain what you mean by not working? Do you get any error?
I checked your form in ODK Collect and everything is fine so probably it's a problem with Enketo.

Yes on enketo it only gives the label that's in the choices sheet and not the ones in the csv. so district is just 'district'