Search and pulldata not working

I am experiencing the same problem with 'search' and 'pulldata' functions on my spreadsheet. I have changed the csv to the recommended UTF-8 format but still nothing. Also, downloaded the fruits example to see if it would work but I only get the label option 'name' from the choices sheet instead of the actual fruit names in the CSV.
I am using Onaio and Enketo and have uploaded the CSV to media files on my form settings in Ona.
Please help.
sacco_details2.csv (2.2 KB) REF Questionnaires Sacco 12.04.2019.xlsx (16.3 KB)

Hi @itagow

could you explain what you mean by not working? Do you get any error?
I checked your form in ODK Collect and everything is fine so probably it's a problem with Enketo.

Yes on enketo it only gives the label that's in the choices sheet and not the ones in the csv. so district is just 'district'

ah ha! I did the exact same thing, downloaded the fruits example, after a few hours of banging my head, and when that did not work...I decided to leave my keyboard for a bit. It is Enketo. I will stop and spend some time with the Enketo documentation before proceeding, so I get my feet on solid ground with the Preview Form feature. I have an Android device coming and will resume development after I have ODK Collect.

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Oh my, I believe I have walked into something with the search() function. My question now after spending just a bit of time learning about Enketo is it is normal to develop two forms, one for ODK Collect and one for Enketo. Sitting here digesting the Enketo information I am not sure I want to give up the Search() ... my head then says develop two forms, one optimized for ODK Collect and one for Enketo. Is this what others do, or do I need to keep studying?

It sounds like you should be able to use secondary external instances which do work across Collect and Enketo. Unfortunately documentation for it is lacking and there are some loose ends to tie around performance in Collect. However, if you have thousands of elements or fewer, you should be ok.

The example in this post will hopefully give you a good starting point.