Search('csvfile') dropdown is not appearing in odk central

1. What is the general goal of the feature?
search('csvfile') dropdown is not appearing in odk central though it shows the dropdown in odk collect.
After creating a public access link too it doesn't work. It only works in ODK Collect.
which bars me from making submissions in central.

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?
Trying to autopopulate after selection of value from this dropdown.

3. What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
Contributing in Github if its a bug.

This is in reference to my previous post :

where @Florian_May told me to post the use case in features category.
Thanks for the help.

The documentation describes the supported way to attach CSV data files. Have you tried it? search remains in Collect for backwards compatibility but it is not in the ODK documentation or generally intended to be used for new forms.


ok i will try it out and inform.

I used a text field rather because there were so many rows and in dropdown from external csv search from options is not available.

I would generally not recommend doing that if you already have a list of choices because it will be very hard to work with inconsistent spellings, etc.

If you need to reduce the choices shown based on a prior selection, you can use a choice filter.

You can also use any of the appearances for selects on a select_one_from_file. For example, you might like the autocomplete appearance in addition to or instead of a choice filter.

I realize these combinations are not very clear from the documentation and I've filed an issue at to improve that.


For the choice filter, there are a lot of rows so ODK can't process it.
The latter part I did not try it though. I will try and inform you.

It would be helpful to know how many rows, how many columns and details about the device you’ve tried. Even better if you can describe what you’re trying to do in detail (eg I’m collecting data about X, I have N data collectors, the data set I want to attach has NN rows about Z, etc). If you can share the choice filter expression you’re using that would also help.

Are you planning to collect data only in Collect? A mix of Collect and web forms? Do you need web forms only for edits?

For 14 fields filters will be there and based on a single field everything will be filtered.
In my case, EMIS has to be selected and all 14 fields will be prepopulated or filtered according to it.
So, there will be around 50k+ rows for the choice filter. I add the EMIS in the category section for different fields.So, the size becomes 700kB+....
We are using both collect and central. For edit, yeah that is optional but would be great.