Search for a botanical form

Sorry for my English.

I'm looking for au form odd for a botanical work.
I need a data for some items. data, name autor, name scientific place, location, and a list of my plants in scientific place why for each plants a abondance number. For exemple :

22/04/02 ; Roger ; RM023 ; X/Y GPS ;
Quercus robur ; 5 ;
Acer negundo ; 3 ;
Plantage lanceola ; 2 ;
Pinus pilaster ; 2 ;

I don't know how can I do my form with this table of plants in the same scientific place.

Thanks a lot, I hope you have understood

Hi @Mathieu_Goldfinger

A warm welcome to the GetoDK community. When you get a chance please introduce yourself, it helps build community.

Do you by any chance have a sample of the paper form that you want to digitalise? If you do have and you are free to share a copy please do so. Community members might be in a better position to assist if you share your existing data collection tool

Thanks Ronald,

Yes I will introduce myself! Thanks for your advice. I do it



Hi @Mathieu_Goldfinger and welcome here.

If the list of the species is quite short you should implement one integer question for each species. The choice_filter column allow to hide species non relevant for the chosen site.
Here s such a form, with a not so short list. It becomes hard to analyse (1 column per species...) So the second strategy will help a lot.
suivi_maille_bota.xlsx (22.5 KB)

Another strategy, more flexible and easier to upgrade would consist in a loop containing a select_one to choose the current species and an integer question to input its abundance.

In the choice filter you will also be able, if needed, to set what species to expose to different location. So species list for location A can differ from location B's list.
Here is such a generic form, with a bug and its workaround I mentioned in this post :
suivi_maille_generique.xlsx (14.1 KB)