Seeking participants / mentors for GEO Indigenous Hackathon for COVID-19

The GEO (Group on Earth Observations) Indigenous Hackathon is coming up this weekend (June 5-7). The goal is to co-design tools with Indigenous communities for COVID-19 response. The Hackathon organizers are still seeking participants as well as mentors for the Hackathon groups and there's a lot of interest in using ODK. Please consider signing up as a mentor, which would mean making yourself available in a Slack workspace to answer questions.

More info:
Register here:

If you're more interested in a mentor role, please comment below.

That sounds like a great event, thanks for sharing it!

I unfortunately won't be consistently available during the weekend but I'd be able to answer some questions now and then. Participants should feel free to use this forum for support. Answers generally do come quickly from folks all around the world.

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I'm interested. Will try to help where I can.


Thank you! I'll send you a message.

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By I'm a new here can I get who can guide me in in becoming an agent of it?

So much interested but I got this information a bit late

Bjr madame
Je suis interessée, j'ai toujours ete enquetrice Dans les ONG pour LA recolte de données. Avec LA recolte de données covid-19, je peu etre capable avec performance. Chercher le point geo, et remplissage rapide de données