Seeking your feedback: ruODK

Hi all,

ruODK is an R client for ODK Central API. Currently, it's under review at ROpenSci:

rOpenSci is a non-profit initiative founded in 2011 by Karthik Ram, Scott Chamberlain, and Carl Boettiger to make scientific data retrieval reproducible. Over the past seven years we have developed an ecosystem of open source tools, we run annual unconferences, and review community developed software.

I would love to get any kind of feedback on ruODK from the ODK developers and community:
Are the demonstrated workflows correct?
Are explanations and technical terms correct?
Is the language of the documentation accessible and inclusive? (non-native speaker here)
Did I miss an obvious dad joke anywhere?

Any feedback here or at the ruODK submission would be greatly appreciated.

Update: now with hosted one-click demo


Hi Florian,

Thanks for the fantastic work on ruODK. Your workflow description for setting up ODK Central and ruODK is great. I have managed to run through the entire process in less than 4 hours.

My greatest challenges along the way:

  1. Generating an XLSForm (non ruODK related and non-experienced form developer here). I watched this tutorial by Secure Data Kit, which I found very helpful and concise.

  2. R package dependencies. In particular Issue 46. But, again, non ruODK related.

Something that would be great to add are examples for the two use cases of "smaller" and "larger" projects that you describe.



Thanks for the feedback, Lars!

I'll add your suggestions to the docs.

All those pesky development dependencies should eventually find their way to CRAN. Maybe adding an install_all_dependencies.R could save some typing? One other already available approach is the binder template for ruODK, which already comes with all packages.

Fresh off the press as an example for a small use case:
One paper form becomes one ODK form, with the plumbing being delivered as a small R package.

A larger use case is documented at