Select a polygon from a map showing current location to get its attribute

I have a case where I want to record a parcel number in the form. The ideal would be to select the parcel from a map and get its attribute into the form data. I have tested this option with an SVG file with shapes and attributes and it works fine, however the issue is that the covered area contains a lot of parcels and looking for the right one might be challenging. Showing the current location on the map would make the selection much easier. I know I can convert the parcel shapefile into mbtiles and load it as an offline layer (tested that too), however, this solution can only give me a geopoint which I have to spatially link to the parcel shapefile to get the parcel ID. My question is:

Is there a workaround that could somehow combine the 2 functionalities described above, as in, click on a map showing your location inside a polygon and get that polygon attribute in the form?

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The only feature similar to what you consulted is the type "select_one" in conjunction with the apparence "map". This allows you to display previously loaded points on a map that presents your location and allows you to select one of those points However, it only works with points and not polygons. Will there be any solution to select polygons?

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Hi @Nicolas_Spoto and welcome to the ODK community forum. Please take some time to introduce yourself here

Yes, as for traces, it will be possible and it is mentioned on the roadmap for a next release.

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As @Nicolas_Spoto described, you can use select one from map on top of an offline layer. Currently you would need to first compute centroids for your parcels. For example, here's a way to do that in QGIS.

Yes! We intend to have trace and shape support in ODK Collect v2023.1 in about March. We hope you'll take a look at it in beta once it's available (it will be posted in the beta category).

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