Select count age less that 18 and more than 5 inside repeat

Hello Sir,

I need an urgent help as i have stuck in using repeat group.

Like i have a question where i am asking some information in repeat and then group like.

begin repeat a1
begin group info
end group
end repeat
in specifically calculate i want to count all the age which has been entered in the repeat where age was between 5-18.

Please suggest me how to do this.

Inside the repeat group, add a calculate row.
The calculation will be an if() function that returns 1 (if age between 5 and 18) or 0

if(${age} >= 5 and ${age} <= 18, 1, 0)

Then, outside the repeat group, use another calculate row get the sum() of that row.


Does that make sense?


Thanking you so much sir,

Thanks for your instant and such insight reply..You really have saved my day........