Select_multiple - Prevent other selections if one of ("None" or "N/A") was selected

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I have a long multiple selection list and i want to to prevent selecting any other option if one of these two options ("None" or "N/A") was selected, i need the a constraint to do that please.

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Let say the option value for "None" is 6 and the option value for "N/A" is 7.

To ensure that if either "None" or "N/A" is selected as an option, no other option can be chosen:

Put this constrain and message on that question, with select multiple

constrain: "(not(selected(${options}, '6')) or count-selected(.) = 1) and (not(selected(${options}, '7')) or count-selected(.) = 1)"

constrain Message: "If one of the options is 'None or N/A,' ensure that no other option is selected."

I think the codes are self explanatory.

Thank you very very very much!

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