Select Multiple question Relevance please help

**1. I am designing a survey in
I have one select multiple question that have five option and I have follow up question for each option **

**2. I am using to for survey development **

3. I have written the following code in /data/q1='option' on the show question if column

**4. I am Getting the follow up question whether I select the option or not I need to get the follow up question based on my selection. onlyodk


Hi @Lbashir
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It's unclear what the problem is but I assume that your if condition doesn't work as expected? Could you attach your form?

thanks @Grzesiek2010 for coming back to me attached is my for my condition is not working around question number 22 which is multiple response and based question 22 and selection I want to display question 23 and 24SRS-EW-Form-version-1-export (1).xlsx (27.7 KB)

In xls we refer to questions using ${question_name} so for example you should use ${zone}='dollo' not /data/zone='dollo' (the second version is used in ODK Build that's the reason you expected the same format in xls probably, I mean it's also possible but let's say more difficult and error prone)
Please go through

thanks for coming back the latter /data/zone='dollo' works also because my condition it do work in all select on chooses but it only doesn't work on this part /data/Theimpactofrainonwatersources='birka' and next five lines that follows I think it is because the question is Multiple response is there any other code for multiple response questions? for you information I am work on Build and exported the file from Build odk

The logic should be like: selected(/data/Theimpactofrainonwatersources, 'birka') but again I encourage you to use the short version selected(${Theimpactofrainonwatersources}, 'birka')
You can find more about relevant and selected function here