Select-multiple question type export with "," in one column

I tried the export of odk central as excel sheet and seperate answers of the multiple questions in one and seperate columns. At the collect app, the values will displayed with "," between the choices, but at the export the this "," are not anymore at the column with all answers in one column. Is this normal or how it is possible to seperate the values in one column with a ","?

Could you, please, explain this, including a screenshot?

Separation by (one) blank is the system default and cannot directly be changed. Why do you need "," (comma) here, please?

You might create an extra calculate variable and replace the blanks with "," using the translate() function or a repeat loop (with selected-at function).

@wroos : Thanks for your prompt answer.
This is a screenshot of the result, after selct three values of the question:
type: select_multiple d_substrate
name: substrate_d
label: Substrat der Diatomeenprobe
hint: (Substrate der Diatomeenprobe)
appearance: minimal autocomplete
At choices:
list_name: d_substrate name: Schlamm label: Schlamm
list_name: d_substrate name: Ton-Lehm label: Ton-Lehm
list_name: d_substrate name: Steine label: Steine
list_name: d_substrate name: Kies label: Kies

At the export is it without "," only "space":
Quetschprobe Beton-Mauerwerk Kies
Blöcke Beton-Mauerwerk Organisches-Material
I need it because this is a standard for enumerations of numbers or text like (here in german)
1, 2, 3, .... or A, B, C, ....
So it would be good to select it for all questions at a form, if it will exported from ODK server. I dont understand what you mena with your solution to calculate and replace or the translate function? This would be helpful for me, becuase than it is a possible solution for other symbols to seperate like "|". Because in one reason I need to seperate it with this.....
Thank you

Hi Maggi,

The export is different than what will be shown in the ODK APP or Enketo.

The export will show only choices separated with space if all in one column or single choices with (TRUE if selected, FALSE if not selected) if you choose the normal export.

A workaround could be to create a calculation with the concat function if you still need this to be done at the export, or add "," after each choice in the choices sheet.


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@Moteb_Marei : OK I understand.... thanks for the hint, I will take a look to understand the function...

Could you share here an (anonymised) extract of your form, please, in XLSForm format?

@wroos : Here is one question from my form i picked it out to show.......
Test_D_substrat.xlsx (13.9 KB)

@raman004 : thanks for the hint.