Select multiple question with geoshape/area follow up questions

Team. Am requesting for a work around on this topic.
1-I have a number of tree seedlings planted by a farmer (Options: Mango, Orange, Pines, GC, Guava)
2-Upon selection of at least 2 or 3 tree seedlings. Follow up questions on quantity, date of planting, survival and area planted for the selected seedlings.
3- The next question should validate the stated area with a geoshape question type.
I would be grateful to have this sorted.

What have you done so far concerning this form, please? Where is your problem exactly?

repeated_seedling selection.xlsx (10.6 KB)
Attached is my challenge. Iam stuck from this stage of the workaround.
Thank you.

Hi @Francis_Sebbi

repeated_seedling_selection_modified.xlsx (11.5 KB)

The two main errors that were preventing upload were the repeat_count values and the fruit label in the second repeat was wrong. There are other things that probably need editing (eg replace integer with date etc), but basic functionality is there to enter in acres, enter geoshape and compare the values.

This is perfect solution. It has resolved all my concerns

In collecting data using
repeated_seedling_selection_modified.xlsx (11.5 KB). I find it troublesome to move back and forth between seedlings planted at given sites, especially in validating the acreage. How can i complete a set of questions for one seedling and move on to the next seedling. I will be grateful for this workaround