Select_multiple related choice

Can you help me please.

I have select_multiple question, and I want to link one of its choice (for example 'A' choice) to another question. when I try to do that, it is shows the related question only if I selected the 'A' choice alone. but I want to show the related question even the 'A' choice has been selected alone or with another choice.


I would like to help you but i don't really understand your problem. Could you explain it better? Examples maybe a sample form would help.

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Thank you so much
I have select_multiple question
( for example : item distributed [ A - B - C - other ]
and I want to link [other] with another question ( for example: Q ). Whether I have selected [ other] alone or with another choices.
My problem is the [Q] question only shows when I select [other] alone, but when I select
[ A and other (for example)] the [Q] question wont shows.

It is better now ?

Yes much better :slight_smile:

please test this example: selectedTest.xlsx (6.0 KB)


Thank you :slight_smile:
it works now