Select_multiple separator label

hi am using 3 select_multiple quesions which based on the previous selected value so i want to separate the multiple questions wtih labels (the choices in label).

Hi, I don't think I understood you. Is there any chance you can share a sample form or as a screenshot of your problem?


i have 3 multiple select
then i want to make a label inside of the choices
for example:
cropCatagory: fruits is selected
and in the crops (multiplse select)
i want to add label "fruit catagory" in select_multiple crops

in short i want to group the multiple_select choices with label

i hop this clear

Hi, If I understood correctly, you need to add a condition under your form's "relevant" column - (I can see the column header is incorrect on your form). The logic should look like selected(${crop_category}, 'fruits'). This login will help you to open relevant multiple-choice questions. As a beginner to xls form this, you will find documentation helpful.


NMIS_Amharic.xlsx (16.7 KB)
this is the xlsform
and i want the crops and the crops_varieity to have lable inside the choice like