Select multiple with one further question on each

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The user chooses multiple options from the list, and has to answer one further question for each selected option, for example a percentage choice. Is there an example excel file on how to do this? I have tried a couple of attempts (see image attached) but failed on this using 'begin_repeat' on the 'percentage' question when survey is transferred to android!

select_multiple|364x499 .

Any help would be appreciated.


Is it about the same problem: Select multiple with 'relevant' expression
so you weren't able to fix your problem according to what I said in: Select multiple with 'relevant' expression - #8 by Grzesiek2010?
If it was to difficult or unclear don't hesitate to ask further.

Please attach your form to show what you already have.

Hi Grzesiek2010,

I wanted to try to explain the problem with some more clarity. I don't think I explained very well what I wanted with the old question. Here is what I have so far but eliminated all previous attempts that were not successful so starting with a 'blank' sheet. The problem is with rows 10/11.

Peatland Survey Form.xls (20.5 KB)

There are two options to solve your problem the one I described in our previous conversation was a bit more sophisticated so difficult to understand.

Option1: You can create a separate question for every possible selected option and make it visible/hidden depending on what you selected. It's something like you did but in this case you don't need repeat_groups actually you need just those questions. it would be like: Peatland Survey Form.xls (20 KB)

Option2: is that more sophisticated solution with repeatable groups that allows you not to list all
possible cases what might be important if you have a long list of choices: Peatland Survey Form_solution2.xls (17.5 KB)

Hi Grzesiek2010,

I cannot thank you enough. I went with option1 because it was similar to my failed attempt. Just what I wanted!

Many thanks to you and the community.

Many thanks,

Paul S

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Great, juts wanted to add that you don't need separate choices for every single question like you had: percentage1, percentage2, percentage3 etc. if those sets are equal you can use only one in multiple questions.