Select one based on multiple opions selected previously

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Please help me out in sorting this.

I have a 4 options in question 1. Which is a Multiple options.
The next question is based on the one which is selected in the multiple options.

For example.(The output should be as below)

  1. Fruits chosen for breakfast?
    Option A- Banana selected
    Option B- Apple
    Option C-Grapes_selected_
    Option D-Orange_selected_
  2. Which is your favorite choice on the selected?
    Ans: Orange


Can you explain more please in the Ans why Orange and not Banana or Grapes

If you want thee second question to appear only when we select the above one you use:
1- you should add calculate question
type: calculate name: calculte_selected_fruits calculation:count-selected ${calculte_selected_fruits})
in the relevant field: of this

you should add : ${calculte_selected_fruits}>0

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Thank you..

it is just an example,

When I have many on the table (Apple, Orange, Banana and Grapes)
My choice of pick will be, Banana, Grapes and Orange

and finally I pick Orange out of it.

So its the logic to be worked..

I think you should be able to use a choice_filter here. has an example you can follow.

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Thank you..

but again, it is the same of filtering one option using select_one. and based on that we can get one choice.

But we need multiple option and select the highest priority on that.


Try Choice filter with multiple selection

Thank you so much.. it helped:) :slight_smile: