Select one from repeated group to another repeated group


Is it possible to have answer selected(select-one) from a repeated group to appear again in the next repeated if the question is repeated in next repeated group? So for example in block3 q13, I want the answer selected for each person to appear automatically in next the block 4, q14?
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If I have understood you correctly this is quite a simple problem, you want the user to see the result of ${block4_principal}, this is feedback to the user. If that is correct then you need to use a type note and then the label is just ${block4_principal}. If I have understood the problem that should fix it.

However, may I offer some advice on your form structure. You have a repeat wihtin another repeat. I would avoid this if at all posisble, it makes the data very cumbersome to process. I think that you can separate the two repeats at the end.

I would also advise you to be careful with how you name fields, you have a repeat called Block4_calculation as there is a calcuate type, I would call this block4_repeat otherwise somebody like me looking at your code sees that and thinks it is a calculate. Similarly where you ahve a repeat called group_block3, there is a group type. It is small details, but I think will help you with your coding

Thanks @Paul_Bessell. I need to use the result of ${block4_principal} in another question(which is repeated) in a different block and the result of ${block4_principal} should automatically appear in the repeated question with subset of options of ${block4_principal}.

@archanadang As i said, I think that you really need to look again at your code structure, in particularly to avoid having one repeat inside another.

However, your repeat_count for block4_workerdetails is ${block4_numberworkers} which is the value from principal_activity which is the result of an if calculation which can only give 1, or 0. So why do you need a repeat count at all if it's maximum number of repeats is 1. Why not just use a relevant clause?

@Paul_Bessell. Hi, I want that block4 gets repeated for members in the family who choose 31, 32, 33, 41, 51 and 94 in block3_q13. And I want the person ID and name of that member to appear automatically in block 4. Block 3 is a household roster. Could you suggest a simpler way? I have nested this within a number of household members, which will be a subset of household members.

I think that this is what you need.

Ensure thta you add a label for the repeat. The defaults of ${block4_personid} etc are dynamic defaults, and are not supported (unless htis has recently changed).

I would strongly recommend that you spend more time fam,iliarising yopurself with the ODK documentation.

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@Paul_Bessell . It doesnt seem to work Paul, but thanks for trying