Select_one question not displaying in repeat (Enketo)

Dear all,

I am working on a rather complex household survey.

The actual version shows a strange behaviour in one repeat section (rows 179 to 290) where the choices of "select_one genre" (row 186) are not displayed in Enketo.

This section is almost identically repeated further down the survey (rows 490 to 601) where the choices of "select_one genre" (row 497). Here all works fine.

No error message is shown when uploading the xls form or while opening the draft.

I have tried the following to isolate the issue:

  1. Removed the "begin_repeat" and "end_repeat": without the repeat the same section of the form works fine.

  2. Isolated the repeat section in separted form. Issue does not show. Form works fine.

  3. Checked all the groups (opening and closing) but did not find any inconsistency.

Does anybody has encoutered a similar issue?

Thank you all, Daniel

s1_exploitation_agricole.xlsx (673.1 KB)

The error disapeared after checking the names of the groups. Some were repeated.