Select one text and image from loaded csv

I have just joined the forum searching for answers!
I am creating an XLSForm survey where I am using the results from another survey (using search() and a loaded csv. file). My intention is to "select one" name from the loaded csv and after that, I want the image corresponding to that "name" (specified in another column) to appear.
I have tried using media::image in the choices sheet specifying the column name from the csv file where the image is. The form works ok when I do not fill the media::image column, but as soon as I put the column name where the image is, under media:image, an error appears.
I am doing everything offline (i.e., using xlsform offline and loading the Xform and the surveyname-media folder to my android device) (not with google drive), but I thought the topic was related. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
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Hi @JessicaZM! Welcome to the forum I've moved your post to a new topic because I think it's a different problem. Can you please attach a small 1-2 question survey that has the problem?

Also, when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

Hi @yanokwa,
Thank you very much for your reply.

I have attached an example survey form, the related csv file and the corresponding example images. I have also uploaded a screenshot of the error that appears when I try to open the form in ODK collect and the xform from XLSform offline that is generated from my example XLS form.

In my censusdata file I willl have the names and photos of my subjects. With my new survey, I intend to ask questions about the people (i.e., subjects) in my census data. However, when I select a name (i.e., "identification"), I would like their photo to appear to double check with the respondent we are talking about the same person.

I will introduce myself and add a picture asap!
Thank you very much for your help
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Hi @yanokwa,
sorry for the matters.
Did you manage to figure out why it gives me that error when I put the photo in?
I have been trying to look for the answer elsewhere but I still cannot make it work!
Thank you very much!
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Hi @JessicaZM

See the modified files forum (1.1 MB)

The error you got is not related with the images. When you deside to use multiple languages, make sure you define everything properly through out the form. Since you had only english, i remove the label, and the error was gone. Also with the pictures, i have provided a solution.

Hello @dicksonsamwel
Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:
Yes, I forgot to change the label in the example I sent because I removed the other language for simplicity. Sorry for that and thank you for making me aware!
Thank you for showing me a way of putting the image! However, the image still doesn't work for me when I have two languages included. Without the second language part it works perfectly but, when I include it, it does not. On the other hand, if I exclude the image part but leave in both languages it also works. Do you know why this is happening? Does it let you do it in two languages?
Sorry for the matters and thank you very much!
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PS:It did not let me add a second language in the example you sent me, the same error that appears in my survey appears.

Hi @JessicaZM

See this modified file survey_example.xlsx (11.0 KB)

It does allow you to add multiple language

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Hello @dicksonsamwel,
Thank you for your reply and the example. I really appreciate your effort and time. I see yours works perfectly, which makes me wonder why mine doesn't once I add the corresponding columns. I didn-t have media::image::"second language". However, I have included it and it still does not work, and the same error of select does not find my column "identification" appears. I suspect this is because I might be missing another column where the language is required. Do you know whihc other columns might require this specification?
These are the columns I have in the survey sheet:
type; name; label::English(en); label::Tok Pisin (tpi); appearance; media::image::English (en); media::image::Tok Pisin (tpi); required; calculation; repeat_count; relevant; constraint; choice_filter.
and these the ones I have on the choices sheet:
list name; name; label::English (en); label::Tok Pisin (tpi); rank_limit.
Again, thank you for everything
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I have a similar issue. This works in ODK Collect. Do you know how to make this work in Enketo?

Hi @Vinia_Marciano ,
Have you check the feature if it's supported by Enketo.

If it's supported try using the latest Enketo.