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Dear members, greetings
i have (select_one) question which has yes_no optione, after this question, i have 2 other question depends on that one, so, i want to hide these tow dependent question when the (select_one) take no.
Example: is water available: (select_one yes_no)
if yes, select one type (selec_one HP,DW..... )
now if the first question take no, then i want to the second one to be hide.
your help would be most appreciated.

Hi Adil,
I made a form and in that form when you select Test1 then there are a section of code will run while if you select a Test2 then you will get different section.

Are you talking about this?

ODK_Select_One.xml (3.5 KB)

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Hi, @Mansour, try this on in the relevant column of (if yes) selected(${ID}, 'yes') where ID is the name of your question. look more here




thank you so much dear friends, the second one was very helpfull