Select the first stage of the cascade, the subsequent steps are blank

Hi all,

I've been trying to follow the various examples posted on the forum to implement a cascading select in the attached form (see highlighted rows for survey questions and choices) and cannot seem to get it to work. When I select the first stage of the cascade, the subsequent steps are blank.

I just can't see what I'm missing, and would appreciate any advice on what I have gotten wrong.

Many thanks,

facility1_philippines_v1.xlsx (34.5 KB)

Hi Benjamin,

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The choice filter for question kampung should be: cf = ${mukim}. That will do the trick!

P.S. I would organize the form differently to make it easier to read, maintain and understand. I would add a state and kampung column to the choices sheet instead of the cf column. Then populate the state column with 1-2 for all the mukim choices (and use choice_filter state = ${state}) and populate the mukim column with 1-6 for all the kampung choices (and use choice_filter mukim = ${mukim}


Hi Martijn,

Thanks for the welcome and the quick response. I've implemented both of your suggestions, but it still doesn't seem to be working as it should: When I select state, the list of subsequent options for mukim is blank, and then the same for kampung.

Any other thoughts about what might be the issue?


Hi Ben,

What client are you using? It may be a bug.

Here is the form after the filter (cf = ${mukim}) change: facility1_philippines_v2.xlsx (39.8 KB). I tested it with the Preview in Enketo button after uploading to and it seems to work.

Hi Martin,

I was previously using XLSForm Offline v1.4.0, but I was able to upgrade to a more recent version (v1.9.0), so I will give that a try to see if it was a bug.

Thanks very much for the advice!



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