Selecting multiple choices to proceed to next question

Hi All,

Am working in a form which has a question like
A. What type of PDS card do you have?

  1. BPL Card
  2. APL card
  3. AAL card
  4. others
  5. None
    I need to select three options ie., 1,2 and 3 to display next question which is Mandatory
    B. If yes, what are the PDS benefits you are receiving
    Now in relevant am adding selected(${A}, '1') to
    Display next question but I want 2nd and 3rd options also be selected.
    How can I make it will multiple choice help or is there any other way.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @mallikapandu,

Try relevant condition:
selected(${A}, '1') or selected(${A}, '2') or selected(${A}, '1')

I hope this helps!


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