Self-hosted Kobo randomly “shutting down” (504 error)

Hi everyone,

We are developping a project on a self-hosted server on Kobotoolbox. `
Few information exists on Kobotoolbox about such problems, and how to solve them.

:thinking:Knowing ODK is similar to Kobotoolbox, I wonder if you would have face such problems.
We would be grateful for any potential solutions, advices?
Or if you know if similar topic on this forum

While Kobo is running fine, it sometimes ends up in an Error 504: Gateway Time-out for apparently no particular reason. Kobo has been installed using the “kobo install” Python script and I cannot find any error in Kobo’s logs. Furthermore, none of Kobo’s Docker containers seems to be down.
After a proper restart of Kobo (still using the Python script from kobo-install), everything works fine again. This error occurs quite randomly, up to twice a day (although not everyday).

:point_right:The link to the detail description is hereafter:

Have a good day ! :grinning:

Hi @lisa_vdh

You will probably get better and quicker responses on the Kobotoolbox forums, please post there.

Hi @Ronald_Munjoma,

I did too! Since I expect also an answer there. Since this bug is important in my project, and I know that some functions are related to ODK, I wanted to know if also here solutions, in case.

ODK documentations has helped me a lot previously in the past


@lisa_vdh I'm sorry you are having problems. This is a Kobo problem, so please ask the Kobo team for help.